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How do I book a shoot?

You can book a shoot over the phone or right here online. Once you talk with Jake or Simon and get a date set, you will need to send in your non-refundable deposit of $50.


What should I bring to the shoot?

Bring whatever you want! Bring a car, a fish, a top hat… bring something that is important to you and something that you want to be photographed with. If you have any questions about what you want to bring, call or email and we can talk about it.


What should I wear?

Clothes. What should I wear? That is up to you. We always say “Be Yourself”… If you have some favorite outfits, bring those. Need an excuse to go shopping to buy something new… that’s awesome! We love these stores, but you probably have your favorites as well:

Keep up with the fashion blogs & websites as well… get some ideas flowing… here are a few of our favorite blogs:


When do I get to see my awesome photos?

Well… We should have proofs ready for you to view online in 5-6 days. From there you can order your photos, pick favorites, and share your gallery with other family members and friends. If you need to order them sooner or see them faster, there is a $75 rush fee.


How long after I order will I have my photos?

After you check out your proofs and order them, you should have them in your hands in a week. You can pass them out at school, put them on your wall, or eat them if you want… although I dont recomend the latter.


How long do I have to order?

You have 3 weeks to order your photos. If you do not order them in the 3 weeks given, then there is a gallery re-activation charge of $50. If you already orderd photos and want to order more after the three weeks, there is a $20 activation charge.


I need a photo for the yearbook. How do they get one?

Well… each school has different deadlines and different rules for submitting a photo. If you get us the name of the teacher who is in charge of the year book at your school, we can get them a photo. Please understand that there are also different rules for what photos can go in the year book at your school. Be aware of those and let us know so that we can get you a photo that will work for your school. We can’t always guarintee that our photos will work for your year book unless you tell us what you need before hand.

(i.e. Some schools will only take head shots, other will take full body poses, while others have restrictions on what you can wear)