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Valo Photography was founded by two Milwaukee Area photographers, Simon McConico and Jake Rohde. Valo Photography offers a fresh look at photography through the eyes of these two artists. The company was formed out of the passion each photographer has for their craft. They teamed up to offer a better product at a better price.

What’s a Valo?

The word valo is actually Finnish for “light”. Light is by all means the base of any photograph. Photographs are made of light, and the art of photography is finding the light, or creating the light, to make images that breathe, talk, move, and capture emotion and life. Every time we press the shutter, we are trying to capture that light in one still frame.

Why Photography?

Many times we are asked why we make photographs. That answer is simple for us. Photography is something we have to do, it is something born in us, it is a passion, it is our lives. Taking this passion and sharing it with others has been an extraordinary experience.